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2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Previewing Mexico vs. USA | ESPN FC


2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Previewing Mexico vs. USA | ESPN FC
Mauricio Pedroza and Alex Pareja discuss the upcoming matchup between Mexico and the U.S. men’s national team in their 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

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33 thoughts on “2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Previewing Mexico vs. USA | ESPN FC

  1. coppilcus

    Freaking muppets… Super USA has the same points that a weak and bad managed Mexico. Please stop the madness!

  2. Renaldo Matadeen

    CONCACAF is so lame now

  3. Kendal Anderson

    Hypes of CP10 then shows a clip show of the GOAT 🪄 🎩 Good Looks ESPN

  4. Rodger Murphy

    Will mexico have fans at this game or are they still temporarily banned?

  5. Dominic Cangelosi

    Im not going to predict anything till the game is over so I will return to these comments and reply to wrong comments.

  6. 104 *

    The odds can always be beat.

  7. Dylan Pepper

    USA heart > Mexico skill

  8. Sid nyster


  9. tendeitem

    Mexico will win this 2-0 or 2-1…but both teams qualify automatically with Canada

  10. 남간

    If Mexico had done well, Korea could have advanced to the 2018 World Cup round of 16… 😔 🇲🇽 🇸🇪 … 🇰🇷 🇩🇪…

  11. E R

    If Mexico loses this game then Tata is probably getting fired.

  12. Soccer Bandit

    Lets gooo 🇺🇸 baby!! Lets get that 4th W!!!

  13. P Jordan

    ok, now where is the analysis from American pundits?? These guys aren't American.

  14. Phillip Ward

    Why does Pedroza have such a fat copy of The Old Man and The Sea when that book is so short?

  15. Justin Willness

    need a draw here. -canada fan

  16. Heber Herrera

    Vamos Estados Unidos 🇺🇸✝️⚽️

  17. Carolina DragonEye

    Mexico 🇲🇽 will win!

  18. guillermo merlano

    Interesting… However, it's been known that the real CONCACAF rivalry it's Mexico vs Costa Rica… 🤷

  19. Randomguy123

    I hope Mexico don’t make it, garbage team garbage coach garbage lineups garbage system. We’re due for a reset and this is the only way

  20. whiskypedia nyc

    So you're saying we have to rely on GGG to want to win away in CONCACAF to have a chance? You're relying on Mr Verticality who values spreadsheets more than training to have the guts to go for win in Azteca? You want us to rely on a coach that was fired because of lack of offense to win against Mexico at their home?
    Hopefully our players haven't been infected by the GGG/USSF virus and go for the win. Small, negative mentality needs to go away, just like GGG and the USSF.

  21. Chuck Chuck

    It’s cool to hear a Spanish, European accent in English when you are used to hearing it Spanish 😆

  22. JayB

    I feel like the US with Berhalter are going to get absolutely rocked this game. Maybe 3-0 Mexico. And Berhalter will say how great his team did.

  23. tenn

    I hope both the USA and Mexico reach the World Cup round of 16. Both are cheering, but I hope the US wins calmly.

  24. Edgar Munoz

    I think Mexico will dictate and outplay the US because it’s due or die for them. Mexico’s pride is at stake this game

  25. Kevin TenEyck

    I feel like Canada, US and Mexico will be the three who make it and I think Panama will be in that playoff spot with New Zealand and probably win it and get four Concacaf countries in the World Cup

  26. Sub if you hate Tik tok

    U.S will probably be the better team but bottle it

  27. Flatline

    Mexico and Panama both played like dogshit at the azteca last window. US is in Mexico’s head from the last 3 meetings. US will win 2-0. Memo Ochoa will cry. Their manager will get fired. Mexico will fail to qualify and die once and for all

  28. New Duel Links Meta

    Man Mexico gonna lose again we keep calling up the same players that are out of form 😡

  29. Salvador Mejia

    Christian Pulisic has seemed to rediscover his old form. He has been a big part of Chelsea's success with Kai Havertz as his attacking partner. I would also expect McKennie to step up after a frustrating elimination from the UCL against Villareal. I think USA wins this by a small margin, but Both of the players mentioned must play above average

  30. Dean Shields

    Vamos Mexico.

  31. 90srock dude

    🔥🐐🙏🏼🙌🏼🇲🇽 Mexico got this

  32. Javier Cota

    If mexico bottles this they are just a marketing band on tour

  33. The Wumpus

    Both sides are shaky, I think the USA will edge this once again, but both sides aren't the best at the moment…

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