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Chelsea Players Celebrating After Winning The Club World Cup Final Against Palmeiras


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38 thoughts on “Chelsea Players Celebrating After Winning The Club World Cup Final Against Palmeiras

  1. SommitSports

    Chelsea vs Palmeiras Club World Cup Final Stadium Vlog online on our second channel!!



  2. lucasrxd Silva

    Esses times do Brazil são muito bom ,e olha que a maioria são brasileiros

  3. brou donatien koffi

    Les meilleurs

  4. Adam


  5. wanda sv

    kai sibuk telpon ayang

  6. Cda

    cant see kante

  7. Swan


  8. Sksk Sk


  9. Smile Prince

    Tiago Silva one season at Chelsea is unforgivable, than his 100 years at P S G

  10. Hendrawan Gosali

    Next bring home 2X UCL CUP √

  11. Wangwang Konyak

    Big fan of Mr, David Luis, Mount,Pulisic n more old n new Chelsea players.

  12. Fatu Cheapoo

    Congratulations chelsea

  13. Eben Ohene

    Love it or hate it we are the pride of LONDON.

  14. Eben Ohene

    Congratulations to Mr Abramovich. God has blessed him and his team. I love Chelsea so MUCH.

  15. Simon Harry

    Chelsea does not have independent existence of its own it is all a grand illusion design to control you and keep you trapped with in the 5 sense perception reality

  16. Khaleed 254

    Thanks to Frank Lampard for Signing this great players.

  17. James Peter Hebrew Man

    I love Chelsea die

  18. Djan Moses


  19. Isaac Lord

    The feeling is just superbly nostalgic…. Congratulations Boys!!!

  20. Ndeye Sarr

    Thank you Eduard Mendy

  21. sharon obwanda

    At least Tuchel is giving every player a chance to do their best

  22. Nezioo Araujoo

    Christensen is The most underrated player in that pitch imo. The guy is a savage , Tuchel really beleives in him He started the final on saturday.

  23. Minhlah Pa

    We are one in here BLUE CHELSEA !

  24. De Martin


  25. Skella 784

    Havertz on the long, loooong….looooooong distance call

  26. ayus widiawati

    Bagusan kai drpd lukaku…
    Grory the blues

  27. Francis akinyemi

    the blues are the champion of the club world cup 🍾🍾🍾💪

  28. joseph nami

    Congratulations Kai havertz and Rudiger

  29. Leader Moyo

    Well done guys you deserve long contracts all of you including wages increases

  30. Peter Atsyor

    Congratulations 🎉👏👏👏👏 the Blue 🔵💙💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵💙💙💙….. blues 💙🔵💙🔵💙 forever

  31. Tendoni Mogoka

    Message to the board. If Rudiger wants more than 250k a week please give it to him, he certainly is in that bracket of players now and I don't think any fans would object to that. He has earned it

  32. Kwame VanDamme

    We have the best manager in the world, the best goalkeeper in the world, the most wanted defender in the world and the best young academy talents and graduates in the world.
    Now we can play the game with the FIFA cup crest on our chests. Henceforth the spirit of FIFA is in the Club.

  33. Kwame VanDamme

    Right now the best team in the universe. Blue 💙 will always be the colour.

  34. Haddingtonian GCP

    Bluetiful! At this point, I don't even care that about the next final this month..

  35. Omari The People

    Let’s go!!!

  36. Odir Cunha

    In the final between Palmeiras and Chelsea, in addition to extra time, there were 92 headers, one every one and a half minutes. And it wasn't even a game in which the teams abused high crosses into the area. The numbers give an idea of how the head, until now neglected by the big manufacturers of sporting goods, is important in a football game.

  37. Rafael G.

    All the way here from Brazil…Thank you for updating our "Palmeiras has no Fifa World Cup" joke for another year…We know the Fifa Club World Cup doesnt mean much for the Europeans but for us mean a lot…and Palmeiras fan base are mostly trash talking assholes who think their shit don't stink and that they're better than everybody…and who by the way when you lost in 2012 to Corinthians…their bitter rival…they said Chelsea was the weakest and worst team to ever win the Champions League


    I like this Tiago Silva

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