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I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW! || The 2022 World Indoor Championships – Women's 60 Meter Finals

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Unreal…Simply unreal.
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21 thoughts on “I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW! || The 2022 World Indoor Championships – Women's 60 Meter Finals

  1. TT's Food

    Halleluyah Kambunji finally got it.

  2. Roger Kuster


  3. David Scruggs

    She a beast 💪

  4. s Alexander

    Welll damn talk about under under dog. . Nvr place all your eggs in one basket

  5. Armand Crown

    TRP – you're the best athletics channel by miles ….and the most diplomatic, which is refreshing compared to some of the others who are critically biased and/or cynical. Swoboda's races until this one were noticeably against weaker opposition – mostly European athletes, she came up against a more diverse and tougher group in this race, sadly she lost and is understandably no doubt disappointed.

  6. Derek Williams II

    I've watched this now a few times and I'm starting to convince myself that, though Kambundji's start wasn't great, that she appeared to basically body the other runners with pure strength through the remaining 30m gives me the impression she's going to run some insane 100m times this year. I don't see any reason she doesn't break 10.9 this year, and it's possible she breaks 10.7 with that kind of strength and acceleration.

  7. Randall Hill

    Kambundji looked like she had plenty left in the tank. She was still accelerating at the end. Can't wait for outdoor season to start.

  8. ULI ULI

    I live for these moments.

  9. Brad Charlton

    I like your channel for the most part, but why do you have Marion Jones listed as the third fastest time? She was a cheater her entire career and all of her medals and record times were taken from her. Same goes for Christian Coleman. The guy has been suspended what?… three times by now? That's the trick, just like the Jamaicans regularly did for years… just avoid a drug test(s) and take a minimal suspension, rather than being proven to be a cheat.

  10. a hernandez

    Watch closely, it came down to her start. She reacted to the gun a split second faster than everyone else. And while this did not immediately put her in front, she progressed through acceleration before everyone else. The 60 is a short enough sprint that there is hardly enough time to decelerate once you've hit top speed. This is how she went past everyone in the last 5 meters.

  11. Ronnie Davis

    ……..and she a beautiful person. Physicality and spiritually…..👍🏾

  12. Jeffrey Salvador

    These athletes are getting faster every year

  13. Visionary0001

    FOLLOW UP REPLY: To anyone curious about the authenticity of my earlier statement that the USATF failed to issue Mary Beth Sant-Price her Team USA uniform on time, please look at the VIDEO below, (also created by TRP), and go straight to the 1:38 mark. You will see that Sant-Price ran her prelims for the 2022 World Indoors in her Colorado State uniform, because she only got her Team USA uniform 5 minutes earlier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8HutKtFlls

  14. karl Mckellar

    Bruh i see them running so much faster than me. That i think when could i run past them after a mile or longer.

  15. alex urquhart

    I always knew she had it in her. Always gracious,always modest and always trying her best.Watch out, there is more to come individually and in the 4x100m relays.Go swiss girls.!!!!


    Like I said before the SWOBODA hype was only for 60m and I still stand behind what I said she won’t even make the finals at Worlds.. Her deceleration starts at about 50-55m so how the heck she’s going to hold for 100m???

  17. saucy05

    Brisco is the future of American women sprinting not sha’carri


    Kambundji had the tendency of rocking her body left and right thus losing speed. It looks like she has cleaned that up now. Well done to her.


    This has to be the biggest upset throughout the game

  20. Anthony Harty

    She’s on drugs 100%

  21. Dorothy Arrington

    Congratulations 👏🏽🎉 to Kambundji 🥇
    Proud of her. I like her. Great Sprinter

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