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ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 | India Women vs Australia Women | INDW vs AUSW | Live Commentary

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Catch the Match 18 of ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 between India Women and Australia Women.
Stay tuned to Digital 2 Sports for more action during the entire women’s World Cup 2022

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6 thoughts on “ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 | India Women vs Australia Women | INDW vs AUSW | Live Commentary

  1. ICC cricket


  2. Chakko C P

    When we see the match we can say that stump to stump bowling is too difficult for any batsman to face. Our bowlers will do this two times. Then they will bowel outside stumo which opponents will hit hard. Result 4. Our coach has to concentrate on this. Tight opponents should not be given such balls. No experiments with austrelia, england, newzealand, and south africa. Only straight to stump.
    Our batters should be consistant. Mithali raj took more than 90balls to complete 60runs. Australia took 101balls to complete 97runs

  3. Imaculate John

    Good evening great inspiration both team India should little strong for last over for ball any way Australian wons match best pride Meg Lanning have a great day

  4. Raju Mohan George

    Good bating from India but, they failed miserably in bowing and in fielding. Also poor Captaincy. They couldn't capitalise a very good score they have made. The first five overs we saw the Australians capitalising on our fast bowlers. Julian the worst. She should retire now. Her action is like a vehicle mooving with loose tyers. We would won the game if it was any other bowler. There we see Mithalis poor decision. Her last fielding was ok but she never protected the boundaries. The team needs strenuous coaching.

  5. Sakshi Ranit

    East or west India is the best😊😘💗

  6. Mukesh Singh

    Jay Mata di

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