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40 thoughts on “Match Highlights | Socceroos v Jordan | Australia's FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier

  1. R M


  2. Asher's Entertainment!

    Literally nobody here is from Jordan!

  3. Asher's Entertainment!


  4. tanqr fan

    Thank you from vietnam and get ready for the match 🇭🇲vs🇻🇳

  5. Charles Goldstraw


  6. Mike Larry

    australia have such a crap squad compared to previous years. zero interest anymore

  7. Petar Joshev

    The Jab UFC Qualifier

  8. SuSmallville

    where's Aaron Mooy, Mathew Leckie and Daniel Arzani?

  9. Suiiiiiiiiiii bra

    Forgot Australia existed ngl

  10. doliio volay

    It was the bloke with the beard that done it.

  11. wnnalis cioov

    I felt very bad for Jordan it was so close they had just to play 1-1 or 0-0 😬

  12. Matt L

    I used to watch every game we played since the mid 80's, now have next to no interest at all. Pack of duds, can't believe we can't produce better quality than this.

  13. droopowerz

    "that's a red speedy" lol the tone

  14. hoiy vinosa

    Why didn't they play in Australia?

  15. zuygj bnsv

    Why didn't they play in Australia?

  16. laskin riubn

    Come on Aussie boiiss

  17. Rvve Duio

    Come on Aussie boiiss

  18. dolimi jotoo

    Why didn't they play in Australia?

  19. Jimbob Robob

    I don't understand why Australia is having to play all these middle east countries to qualify that are closer to Europe than the countries around Australia … daft I call it…

  20. liouy cnny

    Come on Aussie boiiss

  21. cnmmd qiuoo

    Why didn't they play in Australia?

  22. Brian Millen

    How inspiring… NOT!!£££!!

  23. serdy ximi

    We're going to win the world cup and Souttar will get golden boot

  24. Randy Bobandy

    Scraping a 1-0 win against Jordan. A wins a win but realistically…

  25. Ichigo Kurosaki

    I felt very bad for Jordan it was so close they had just to play 1-1 or 0-0 😬

  26. Tony Gio

    Socceroos plays and nobody knows about it , Aussies find football boring than they expend their time watching cricket 🤮🤮

  27. CJ

    The Australian accent is like = OOasstraliaya!!!

  28. Y B

    Why didn't they play in Australia?

  29. Hayden Adams

    Scotland missed out on these boys. Souttar and Boyle would have walked into that squad that lost to Czech Republic at home. But at least they got Lyndon Dykes, good lad and would have been good to have him play for Australia. But unlike some, I wouldn't go so far as to call him a reject because he played for another national team.

  30. Pulung Achir

    Where is the stadium located?

  31. koch stevens

    Harry chips in the last 15 with a header.. he's a handy weapon..

  32. Unenbayar Javkhlan

    Can this commentator stfu? His accent isn't international enough. My ears are bleeding. Can't understand what he's saying. It's kinda annoying. Jesus Christ.

  33. Killbot86

    Where are those cocky Jordanians in the comments section??

  34. Musical Neptunian

    The final score :
    Australia 1 – Headbutt United Nil.

  35. Neo-Con Atheist

    3:27 lmao where is your god now?

  36. Jongjin Seo

    Aussies score only by headers

  37. Travis 04

    Harry Souttar🔥🇦🇺💚💛

  38. Knexi Vibez

    Harry Souttar🔥🇦🇺💚💛

  39. chloe125cc

    what assholes that should of been 2 red cards the bloke got a yelloow for headbutting yet the guy who came in and pushed old mate in the face got the red wtf

  40. Shadow Light

    Idiot Jordan country

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