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New Caledonia vs Fiji | 1-2 | Highlights | World Cup Qualifiers Oceania 2022

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New Caledonia vs Fiji Highlights
World Cup Qualifiers Oceania 2022
New Caledonia
Roy Krishna
New Caledonia v Fiji
New Caledonia Fiji

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29 thoughts on “New Caledonia vs Fiji | 1-2 | Highlights | World Cup Qualifiers Oceania 2022

  1. Roberth Ochoa

    Porque Tonga no jugó eliminatorias

  2. Swanwatcher

    I usually don't watch the ofc qualifiers, but since the WC is soon, decided to see if I could find them. I don't know how you got the highlights, but thanks so much, great editing too and thank you for not clickbaiting anyone with the thumbnail or anything!

  3. BronsonTheCat

    Ripper crowd!!

  4. Ping

    4:41 looked like a handball

  5. Bhawanjot Singh

    Roy Krishna you beauty ❣️

  6. Eyvaz Mirzeliyev

    Azerbaycandan bu oyunu izleyen belkede yegane azarkeşem..


    Love from India 🇮🇳

  8. satendra kumar

    Congrulations keep the good goals coming


    Atkmb fans Krishna❤️❤️❤️🔥❤️

  10. Subhashis Dey

    Joy mohunbagan 💚💚

  11. Itz Sifatison


  12. Arkapravo Chattopadhyay

    Support Fiji from Kolkata ❤️
    Joy Bangla
    Joy ATKMB
    Joy Fiji

  13. Abdul Kader Gazi

    Love for Roy Krishna from india

  14. Pacific Football Fan

    I'm happy Oceania football is finally back!
    It was a very entertaining game. Sadly Vanuatu and Cook Islands pulled themselves off from the tournament. I hope the rest of the teams do their best and return their home safely.

  15. Dwen Moses

    Sarisi Nailuabu u got the show!! From Solomons Islands!!

  16. Tirtham Ghosh


  17. MIR

    💚❤️❤️❤️💚 joy Mohunbagan

  18. Seru Sameer

    Congratulations team FIJI on your first win God bless team Fiji lots n lots of love from home land FIJI

  19. Miranda Flores José Ángel

    Buen partido, gracias por el resumen 🤙

  20. fijianz1

    woeful defending from fiji… no ball or player awareness and they stand very flatfooted….. need to lift boys !

  21. Anthony Parenti

    Seriously thank you for uploading these highlights. I can't view them from the US and while it may only be Oceania, I still care about their qualifiers a lot

  22. Jojo John

    I just subscribed thanks..
    Rooting for 🇻🇺 go Vanuatu go🇻🇺

  23. Wild Zeus

    Roy Krishna💚❤
    Rooting for Fiji 🇫🇯
    Win it all
    ~Much Love from India 🇮🇳

  24. Quasar Savage

    can't wait for 24 march so many good games love OFC but meh quality

  25. Jorge 81

    Ojalá que les dieran más oportunidades a Oceanía un cupo y medio estaría bien

  26. Sato Art

    Nueva Caledonia con Givova y Fiji con Kappa

    Estas eliminatorias tienen un sabor a calidad en cuanto a uniformes hablamos !!

  27. Franklin casas quispe

    Me parecia mejor Nueva caledonia, pero goles que no haces

  28. jose luis dominguez palma

    Fiji me gusta que esté en el repechaje

  29. Retro IMP

    Hay "fuera de juego", pero luego está este men que literal estaba abrazando al otro portero

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