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24 thoughts on “New Zealand v Papua New Guinea | 18 March 2022 | Oceania Qualifiers

  1. Tunta MaSeh

    This is bulshit, the reff gave the game away to NZ, well NZ all the best👍👍👍

  2. Paolo Velotti


  3. PNG New Age

    Ass kan referee!!!!😡😠🤬

  4. Lera Silem

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  5. AJ Johnson

    How this wasn’t 6-0 I have no idea. Did PNG even have a single decent half chance to score from?

  6. Johannes Sogoromo

    PNG Goalie 🔥

  7. Ednal Palmer

    Well done PNG, congrats NZ

  8. Theodore B Navugar

    Cheap goal.

  9. Rakesh Chand

    I watched NZ vs Fiji today. While NZ capitalized on Fiji's mistakes, I am pretty angry the way that biased referee handled the match today. It seemed pretty obvious he wanted Fiji to lose. Goal Keepers are protected in the 7 meter box. Instead that asshole penalized the Goal Keeper, showed him a yellow card and awarded NZ an illegal penalty, while the call should have been the opposite. I need the sleepy, corrupt FIFA to stop hiring such biased referees.

  10. Mohamed Mohsen

    Where i can watch the games in youtube ?

  11. Victor Raúl


  12. Victor Raúl

    Buén Partido Nueva Zelanda
    Saludos Desde Perú 🙋☺

  13. Ricardo Arturo

    Hope new zealand can go to this World cup

  14. You Know I had To Do it to em

    Solid chances tbf looks promising

  15. Lucy Law

    Panama watch out. We beat PNG, so we have a history of beating countries starting with P 💀

  16. Loyal Truth

    Shame on you New Zealand 🇳🇿 one day you won't be able to dominate this region…your goal is not fair to back is coming….seriously

  17. MrSolwara

    Lucky goal there NZ. Imagine if PNG won?


    What a terrible level NZ has got, as always they Will be out of Wc… See you until 2026…maybe?

  19. 李友林


  20. Aariz Alam

    hopefully nz actually qualify this time round

  21. Aariz Alam

    up the kiwis

  22. Jason The Killer YT

    Cmon New Zealand 🇳🇿 this time you have high chance of qualifying since playoff is against Concacaf

  23. ali tam

    Good luck for Newzealand 💪💪💪

  24. Popstar Chris Griffin

    Since you're playing a Concacaf side in the playoffs assuming you win this tournament, you have a very solid chance of qualifying.

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