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Pegasus World Cup 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

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Watch the $3 million Pegasus World Cup (G1) at Gulfstream from Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. #NBCSports #HorseRacing #PegasusWorldCupInvitationalSeries
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Pegasus World Cup 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

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50 thoughts on “Pegasus World Cup 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

  1. Thư Đoàn


  2. RC G

    Gambling addict losers 😆😆😆

  3. mustafa koray

    LIG hasn't seen a horse's tail yet. He was always ahead.

  4. Michael Puder Ramirez

    An amazing horse.

  5. JeffB

    Life is Good ran like ( as the announcer of the 1973 Belmont Stakes said) a Big Red Machine

  6. Kevin Waller

    All I have to say about this is FLIGHTLINE

  7. Limousine Liberal

    If Bob Baffert litigates himself out of his suspension(s?), at least he'll have had some penance. Watching a just turned four year old Life Is Good, not just win the $3M Pegasus, but to do it in Arrogate like fashion. And ah, yeah, good luck beating this guy anytime soon.

  8. Azariah The Danganronpa Fan


  9. Jim Puertas

    Knicks Go bad day, with a slow start. Flightline hhmmm

  10. Kurtis Banner

    After this stupid animal abuse that they call SPORTS.. they will go around and try talk to people about animal abuse.. What a shameless double standard people we have😂

  11. mar aberto

    Campeao jeito de campeao

  12. Chaibou Hafida


  13. Warwick Dun

    What has happened to horseracing. No great champions, no great rivals, nothing anywhere across the world. It's sad.

  14. I am 3nity

    😍watching this on my LG

  15. Miguel Pastoriza

    Tremenda monta,

  16. Oğuzhan izgi

    Bizim jokeyler olsa atın üstünde takla atarlardi

  17. Jeff Tatus

    The early fractions were just not sustainable. A 1:48.80 time for a Mile and an Eighth was a perfect way to beat Knicks Go. None of these payouts were worth much on this day. The Pick 6 only paid $78.00 for $.20 cents. The Pick 4's/Pick 5's were a joke as well.

  18. Carlos Alvarez

    Thanks plercher

  19. Mark Richardson

    Made em look supid

  20. Coffee Black

    Never really had any favorite jockeys… then the Ortiz brothers came along!! I Love Irad and Jose Ortiz!!

  21. maariiachii desperado

    4×4 northern dancer

  22. maariiachii desperado

    do you see the beauty of the horse

  23. maariiachii desperado

    secratiat as

  24. Brian Clark

    was he even ever asked to run faster? Looked like a brisk workout to me.

  25. Brian Rori

    Life is good, Irad Ortiz jr 👍👍👍

  26. ALI ALI


  27. Alex Rosado

    🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 PR in the House!! Puñeta 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Irad Ortiz the best of the best!

  28. Callme Ishmael

    Life is pretty good, eh?

  29. Peter Obrien

    Winner would be who got to the first turn in the lead and Life is Good was the one.

  30. Paintedpony

    Great race for Life is Good. Wire to wire with zero challenge and Irad giving him the good boy pet across the finish. Race was over the moment Knicks Go didn’t Go 😁

  31. Lee SOG

    A nice horse but overrated. Won't live with Flightline. Knicks Go ran well below par and Life Is Good was virtually gifted the race. Front runners can do that in the US.

  32. Blessed_876

    Pause the video at 11 seconds, where you will see Irad Ortiz looking around to thank his brother for closing the gap on the rail. The race was over after 11 seconds.

  33. Noah Bloom

    Jose Ortiz literally sent a horse with no speed to cut off Joel on knicks go so his brother irad could get a easy lead 🙃🙃

  34. Gary Moisan

    This horse would have won the Triple Crown, if he was healthy. Word.

  35. Gary Pollard

    LIG was very good but out on his feet at 9f at 10 furlongs he would have lost.

  36. james sollazzo

    oh these are 4 year olders!
    no derby for life is good

  37. james sollazzo

    on to the derby?

  38. David Mullen

    Hopefully we'll get to see him and the other freakishly talented flightline have a go sometime this year

  39. Jose Acv2

    Como corrio Life is good era dificil perder,porque corrio' como todo un campeon,y ningunos pudo presentarles pelea,por lo magnifico que iba todo el tiempo en la punta.

  40. Elliot Thompson

    Two odds on co-favourites? Awful market, pretty sure odds change depending on the break.

  41. わんだーすわん


  42. Atom

    Kimchi Nicks🥺

  43. John Walsh

    Even though Knicks Go didn’t win he’s still a terrific horse.
    Happy retirement big boy!

  44. Poker Face

    Life Is Good is a superstar – and he would be undefeated if not for the poor ride by Mike Smith in last year's Allen Jerkens at Saratoga. So glad he's with Pletcher. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

  45. pochiman pol

    Los aplastó sencillamente

  46. Kremly Marrero


  47. James Wormsley


  48. Chris Knapp Sr

    Ya great horse but this horse was developed by baffert and was taken away because of all these woke people who cant train like he can and every trainer gives some sort of drug to all horses they cant talk and the vets use there expertise to tell the traines what they need things happen every day there are all kinds of jealous trainers who want the tops guys to fail and there are plenty of ways to get someone to do something illegal and pay them for it i for one know the reality of horse racing and im sure things happen everyday to horses that they cant tell u about so someone has to help u and i can go to the dr and tell them whats wrong and they try to help how many drs screw up and there diagnostics is wrong lots so blaming a successful trainer without catching them doing something not just the horse has something in there blood its the vets who give them there meds and if its in the blood samples how is the trainer to blame hes doesnt have a degree in vet medicine u people who are quick to blame are just the jealous few who cant stand u cant compete its poor u he gets all the best horses and i dont boo hoo i for one have been going to the races since i was 5 and my father owned horses thru out his life some win most lose and some breakdown sad but true but these animals love what they do and the good ones know there good baffert should be left alone and we should watch in amazement how many great horses baffert can get to win our great races

  49. Quicksand

    Baffert must be bitting his knuckles now. Two champions raced, one won. Both are superstars.

  50. Miguel Nolasco

    Knicks Go did not like the No. 1 hole. Happy Retirement.

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