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Qatar’s 2022 stadiums to leave ‘significant’ World Cup legacy

Al Jazeera English 

This time next year, Qatar is due to host the FIFA World Cup.
In preparation, the Gulf nation is testing its infrastructure with the FIFA Arab Cup, being held right now.
The World Cup stadiums are part of Qatar’s most ambitious project yet, with almost all of them built a year ahead of schedule.
Their designs represent the past and present and are tailored to unique needs of a country with fewer than three million people hosting FIFA’s biggest tournament.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports from Doha, where she looks at the inspiration behind the designs.

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25 thoughts on “Qatar’s 2022 stadiums to leave ‘significant’ World Cup legacy

  1. Jorge Vachirawit 1502

    I can't wait to see World Cup in Qatar!!!
    -from Thailand

  2. Ziggi Rogalsky

    Qatar. I'm so sorry because that's how we wanted to play with you. A culturally different country. Excuse me. Sport should combine… I connect with my heart. It will be a beautiful championship!.


    Sorry for Qater Country


    دولة قطر الارهاب والخنزيرات والخنازير


    Me do not want this Wedding in Qater ,,Hopefully, of World to reffer it Another Country


    They scratched World Cup 2022 Repute


    We do not want World Cup 2022 be in Quater ,Reffer it to another Country like Mexico or USA

  8. Naveen

    The terrorist Qatar dictatorship should never have gotten the World Cup. Al Jazeera sucks

  9. K

    Good job

  10. Juvieus

    love how they are proud that they didnt controversially relocate citizen homes….

    while they literally killed thousands of slaves.

    Shame on Al Jazeera for not covering that,

  11. 2 Many Remote Controllers

    Built by slaves. It is disgusting.

  12. Stunna girl

    We don't need Fancy , luxurious stadiums all we need is passion and a good field.

  13. games for gamers

    Air conditioned stadium i will enjoy here

  14. ThePollito101

    and yet not enough hotels for all this people

  15. Inescape

    Boycott Beijing Olympics
    Boycott Qatar World Cup

  16. Kirbi

    Oil money

  17. Bismarck

    Propaganda at its peak, pay the workers well and treat them like humans.

  18. Elizabeth Reyes


  19. Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]

    Who are you kidding? Arabs did not build these, they are made by Brits and Australians !

  20. BartjeYeYo Gaming

    This is not about football, its all about money. And people still dont think for themselves

  21. Javier Ivona

    what about the living conditions and compensation of the construction workers that built those stadiums

  22. saurav dahal

    Yes, it have strong legacy as modern slave state.

  23. eca eas

    It would be a strong statement against FIFA and the corruption if countries pulled out of competing. Everyone wants the excitement of the world Cup, but who is satisfied participating in a world Cup, knowing not only that there has been far too many Needless deaths of workers who are making it possible but also that the entire bid was fraudulent? FIFA still needs reform and therefore the messaging should be strong; you cannot get away with bribing your way into hosting an international tournament anymore.

  24. Henry Müller

    15000 dead workers and people are still celebrating?
    Shame on you

  25. UVWXYZ

    The glory of the rich is built on the blood and suffering of the innocent. The Pyramids, the Great wall and world cup in Qatar. There is no different.
    Lets boycott these bastards

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