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SEO Tips For Merch By Amazon Tutorial 2022: How To Rank Your Shirt #1 In The Search Results

Print On Demand - RJ Martinez 

SEO Tips For Merch By Amazon Tutorial 2022: How To Rank Your Shirt #1 In The Search Results

In this video, I share some of my best tips on how to optimize your Merch By Amazon catalog for SEO.

1. Use the search bar on Amazon and type in the main keywords for your niche.
2. Use keywords in the title , bullets description that people who might be looking for a shirt/product like yours would use to search
3. Include all relevant keywords throughout the text on the product page (don’t go overboard – Keyword stuff)

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Looking to start selling on Merch By Amazon? This SEO Tips For Merch By Amazon Tutorial 2022 is exactly what you need! Learn how to research profitable niches, create eye-catching designs, and optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales. With this video, you’ll be able to take your Merch business to the next level in no time!

Intro – 0:00
Merch By Amazon Niche Research – 0:45
Merch By Amazon Design – 8:37
Merch By Amazon Listing & Keywords – 11:16

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9 thoughts on “SEO Tips For Merch By Amazon Tutorial 2022: How To Rank Your Shirt #1 In The Search Results

  1. Kick Puncher

    Bro you should make a video on sales crashing lately and how its affected your sales (if it has I mean). I feel like all you merch gurus with big followings are the only ones who could potentially get in touch with execs at Merch and find out what's causing this slump in sales. They just added back cell phones and Q1 is usually the slowest time of year so hopefully it's gonna get better from here

  2. Thasleem Ahmed

    Always awesome videos 🤜🤛💕

  3. Anatolii Ulitovskyi

    SEO is the way to take advantage of Amazon’s immense reach and scale, to maximize the user engagement with your items on sale

    Since the rise of ecommerce in the 21st century, Amazon has become an unavoidable part of life. From shipping shopping boxes online to manufacturing some products in their own warehouses, they have come a long way since they first opened their website. As digital shopping became mainstream, Amazon was willing to do whatever it takes for consumers and sellers to move merchandise at a fast pace without getting caught. This is how they made their place as one of America’s most promising e-commerce marketplaces. To drive more sales for merchants on Amazon, it is crucial for any small business or entrepreneur with large products in stock to rank on top search engines such as Google among competitors. Thanks for sharing this video

  4. aandjmom1

    I was wondering why i never see any of your videos anymore ! I checked your name-I must have hit "unsubscribed" ( not on purpose) at some point. But im back!!!! sorry.

  5. Print On Demand - RJ Martinez

    Give this video a thumbs! The design sold within 2 days by the way: https://amzn.to/3isDQoR
    Check out this video next: https://youtu.be/-zYEO3eaYyo

  6. Chilly Boy

    RJ should I buy merch Informer? I Working On Redbubble only 🤔

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  8. Tuấn Trần

    Thank you! Awesome vidoe👍🏻

  9. Tammy D.

    Awesome information RJ!! Thank you! 👍🏻☺💕👍🏻

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