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The Best of the Best Moments from the 2022 PBR Global Cup


It’s the olympics of bull riding. Watch some of the biggest rides and wrecks in Arlington!

Team USA Eagles served up a dominant performance inside AT&T Stadium to take home the 2022 Global Cup title!

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23 thoughts on “The Best of the Best Moments from the 2022 PBR Global Cup

  1. Kim Noel

    USA is a National bird by bald eagle.

    Brazil is a National animal by jaguar.

    Mexico is a National bird by golden eagle.

    Australia is a National animal by red kangaroo.

    Canada is a National animal by beaver.

    That’s is the Championship Bull Riding in the world.

  2. Kim Noel


  3. Barbara Hutnyk

    I love watching the PBR but for some reason it’s not being shown as often as it once was. Also, it’s not being advertised as widely as it was a few years ago. I truly miss watching the PBR as often as I used to. I was a fervent follower, I knew all of the best bulls and riders. Now I feel like a newcomer. ☹️

  4. Preston Spears

    Does anybody know someone that posts full events

  5. JJ Arci

    Great rides from all teams! 🇺🇸🇲🇽🇧🇷🇦🇺
    WOOPAA is one baddd bull!!

  6. Jefazo Belico

    Good rides 🇧🇷🇺🇸🇲🇽 congrats

  7. Fer Antuna

    Viva Mexico

  8. Juan Morales

    How is the first ride a 91 pt ride ??? Bull was slow af ! And actually slowed down even more in the end ! But ok

  9. Deerslayer 3000

    I really want to try pbr out. I love it

  10. Dan Weigle


  11. nsabotage

    Cool format just the uniforms don't look as bad ass as the plated cowboy vests

  12. James Walters

    Congratulations Team USA Eagles! And yes, everyone wants to ride WOOPAA


    Viva mexicooooo 🇲🇽 Alvaro Alvarez

  14. Burt Brooks

    Ol high brow pulled the whoop and scoop on web and ky

  15. Burt Brooks

    💪🇺🇸 puttin it on em all🤘

  16. Steve 1269

    I got a question for the guys that ride bulls…what do you guys think about the freestyle motorcross guys? Everyone likes to say they do the most dangerous sport and both can die just in practice for the shows…Everyone I know that rides bikes has a lot of respect for you bull riders. I was just wondering if the respect is mutual..I've always wanted to ask a larger group of bull riders and fans that question. I grew up idolizing both 🤘

  17. Mrs. Henderson

    Great video TU

  18. Thales Bernardo Mendes

    Da onde tiraram aquela re-montaria do cara?

  19. Danny Pivowar

    Great rides for all the bull riders 🤠

  20. MIGUEL Boricua SHREK

    Cody just earned some frequent flyer mileage hope he's okay 👍🏼

  21. Chris Hubbard

    Man y’all gotta stream it on YouTube or som where everyone can watch it but man I’m so happy y’all posted this

  22. Víctor Valdivia

    Yea PBR Yes 💯🐂🇧🇷🇺🇸🐂💯

  23. Wayne Slain

    Was this in conjunction with "The American"?

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