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What Happened In World Cup Qualifying?


Three confederations were in action in January, including the coldest international match ever played. The World Cup picture became crystal clear for a few lucky teams, and for a few others, the picture got a whole lot murkier. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is proving to be a very difficult one to make for teams that want to be regulars. Chile, Colombia, Australia, and the United States are in serious danger of not making the next World Cup with just one window left.

The other thing to get ready for is the insane window of games coming up in March. I mean, African playoffs where big teams HAVE to not make it. Then Europe, where Portugal or Italy HAS to miss the world cup, or Concacaf where 3 games in a week determine the fate of five countries in a position to make automatic qualifying spots. In short, the drama is the peak, and this is the window that sets it all up. World Cup here we come.

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36 thoughts on “What Happened In World Cup Qualifying?

  1. Arturo Mansour-Hull

    Y’all know Spain 🇪🇸 Is gonna win the World Cup.

  2. Wilson Wakpi

    I've got a Papua New Guinea jersey and a cook island jersey. I can give you one.

  3. Mohammed Al-ogaidi

    As a iraqi yall have no idea how much pressure this week is gonna be. We dont have much joy except for our soccer team so hopefully thwy can squeeze out a qualification.

  4. Arturo Mansour-Hull

    I already know that Spain is going to win the World Cup and yes I’m saying this is someone that is Spanish American.

  5. King

    I don’t know how I got to your channel but I’m not leaving 😂😂

  6. I/V/K


  7. João Paulo Chaves Pinto

    yoooo love the fc porto shirt! C:

  8. Pat Iorio

    The fact the World Cup suppose to be in June now postpone to November load of shit .because it's to hot in middle east .why the hell they want have the World Cup in Middle East .? The fact they postpone to November it's still hot as fuck over middle east.

  9. BrxkenHeartedd-

    Even though, Mexico has a good shot of making it to the World Cup, I still want them to beat the US. We need to achieve revenge 😂

  10. ShantyGaming

    If the US doesn’t beat Mexico, Canada is in the World Cup even with 0 point window. Even a tie in the Mexico/USA match, Canada goes through. As the US has to play Panama. Listen, I’m not used to good things happening with our team. I know even if we stumble on our faces and fail to go to the WC these qualifiers have been a success with the growth of our team, but it really would leave a bad taste.

  11. Braeden Worden

    Most Canadians saw this rise coming, we've been battle tested this past year and finally for wcq have had (most of) a full team with all our players available. A trip to haiti who were in the midst of a civil war, games vs Mexico and USA at the Gold Cup then a rude awakening vs Honduras in game 1 of the octo gave the team much needed experience then combine world class talent with an amazing coach and this is a team to be feared. The best in the region

  12. C rizz

    USA needs to consider that if Canada qualifies before Panama…. They will VERY MUCH use their bench players in panama to get them game experience…so depending how things go for Canada early. I could see Panama winning their final match. How Canada decides to play will literally determine 1 teams WC chances… Most likely USA or Mexico IMO

  13. Mr. Yarn

    It's crazy to think that there is a real possibility of a 0 or 1 point window for the US, in which case they will likely drop to 5th and out of qualification. CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and CAF are where most of the March Madness Window drama will be coming from.

  14. Carck

    nice shirt

  15. mrchen1211

    How is China so bad? Very few kids plays football in China, most kids were doing school tutoring and focused on schools instead of sports at all. 99.99 percent of parent believes playing in team sport has not future. No school team sports competition at the highschool level. There is not enough internest in the sport for folks to partipate and thus you see 3 foreign born player on the Chinese team.

  16. Snorfietsers

    I've never seen your channel before. Never watched a video. but 1:01 – 1:11 made me go away and never come back. literally wtf was that

  17. Joeztrainz

    This may sound strange but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I predict that the World Cup will be cancelled this year. I don’t know why or how but it’s just something I’ve been thinking could happen. I could be wrong of course

  18. Andrew Westphal

    I feel like he’s just making this up

  19. Nezar Jamal

    C'mon Peru, love that team,one of the most passionate and loud crowd base I've seen too.

  20. Aidan W

    My three favourite CONMEBOL teams are colombia, chile and bolivia…… so that CONMEBOL table really stings.

  21. Hexvi esteban

    Colombia is left without World Cup and my Peru qualifies

  22. Danny Blanco-Hall

    The only channel that has, so far, covered everything we need to know. Excellent work. Subscribed!

  23. Alex Dunatov

    Is it just me or do i only subscribe for this content and not the FM content

  24. david elias Visbal Orozco

    I'm colombian and holy jesus. WE HAVEN't gotten a goal In…wait for it…646 minutes without having a GOAL. "what the heck." The last time they scored was from their best player, Luis Diaz, against chile on September 9th 2021. That's a whopping 7 games with no goal on the opposing net. Also, it looks like God doesn't want them to score, they've looked a better side in almost all of those matches (including 2 with brazil) I can also make a 20 min compilation of Colombian goals that should have been, in this streak. I'm honestly heartbroken

  25. Hugh Griffiths

    Zealend we’ve done this before we should not replace our coach when we are second and in a comfortable position to qualify

  26. Josh

    Everything’s okay I think this time can make it to the round of 8 at the World Cup I really do. I think they’ll be be expected to at least get out of the group though

  27. Josh Rabideau


  28. dropzxc0

    why the hell is australlia in asisa? it should be in ociana

  29. Fred Gonçalves

    When I heard "Yes, that Bryan Ruiz" I thought of the miss at Sporting that basically costed them the title some years ago

  30. shujinkoMK

    What website is he using?

  31. Michael

    US doing this all without McKennie now :l

  32. Henry Miranda

    Ecuador has already clinched the intercontinental playoff, and there needs to be a crazy string of result for Ecuador finish below 4th spot

  33. Henry Miranda

    As an Ecuadorian Canadian I’m quite pleased

  34. Kitchen Scrambler

    Imagine the scenes if North Macedonia qualifies, after beating both Italy and Portugal

  35. Cole Epley

    1. I think it is silly (even a bit scummy) that Australia was allowed to switch from Oceania to Asia.
    2. I think it is scummy (even a bit silly) that Oceania doesn't even get one assured spot in the World Cup. Is it really a world cup if 13/32 countries are European and only 4/32 are Asian? Didn't realize 40% of the world's population lived in Europe…

  36. Lesen

    I am scared for mexico. Giving a very Meh performance, mexican fans want Tata Martino out and we have a match and we have to go agaisnt the USA (In case you dont both teams have a big rivalry) and agaisnt honduras on their home (Which arent very fond of the mexican team) luckily its gonna be without public, and el salvador in the estadio azteca which im not really that worried about

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