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World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 2022 | Day 1 Morning Session

World Athletics 

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19 thoughts on “World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 2022 | Day 1 Morning Session

  1. あわそう

    2:52:30 16m07
    2:54:07 17m64 🥇
    3:19:37 17m42
    3:20:54 17m08
    3:29:39 17m46 🥈
    3:36:37 17m21 🥉
    3:38:56 17m10
    3:53:26 17m15
    3:54:53 17m18
    3:58:47 17m62
    4:10:57 17m19
    4:26:25 result

  2. Ксения Рубянцева

    Все сегодня отлично выступили! Жаль моя любимая Нозоми Танака не прошла в финал 😭

  3. TimmytheInventor

    That men's 3K looks to be a very exciting race. I do think it's gonna be fast, not tactical. I say that with many of my predictions, but Talbi is a 7:40 guy and will definitely be beaten in a kick. So he's going to want to take it out hard, to the pleasure of both Barega and Girma. I'm predicting another photo finish between the two Ethiopians.

  4. Maximilian Sonthonax

    Ah, I hear Mr. Music-Hall is master of ceremonies in the commentary box for this one.

  5. Polish Husaria

    The great Natalia Kaczmarek, seen here, has a very good chance of winning gold in both the 400m sprint and the 4x400m relay. In any case, for Poland the great Adrianna Sułek was successful and won silver in the pentathlon.

  6. Sariyah Jacobs

    Wow what a run by Briana Williams!!!

  7. Рафаель Сакаев

    Very-very good Video
    Forever World

  8. 陸上競技速報チャンネル


  9. eChristopher

    Enable chat for the next livestream please.

  10. paul reidy

    Mens Triple Jump … are the markings right?? Cuban athlete in his first jump looks like he jumped 18+ meters going by the markings but his actual jump was 17.64???
    2:54:16 on the clock.

  11. Gracie C.

    Aregawi not making the 3000 final is surprising

  12. Aaron Harman


  13. Aaron Harman


  14. robbinghudd

    Your person adding the text has no understanding of apostrophes. Same everywhere these days.

  15. Aaron Harman


  16. Heinrich Krüger

    Super Übertragung

  17. As Martuk

    А что закончилась?

  18. Talgat

    Whats up with the picture quality? I get intermittent picture distortion on and off after about 4 hour mark. Anybody else get that?

  19. [また会ったね!] 究極のプリッツ[登録必須]


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