Xavi’s Clasico winners: Reimagining Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona or something new? | LaLiga | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens are joined by Sid Lowe on The Gab and Juls Show to reveal how Xavi has transformed Barcelona since Ronald Koeman departed. The guys discuss the similarities and differences of this team compared to Pep Guardiola’s iconic side, and what the future might hold for them.

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23 thoughts on “Xavi’s Clasico winners: Reimagining Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona or something new? | LaLiga | ESPN FC

  1. Curtis Charles

    You all lie ..oh we always said that there was a lot of talent there. Lies all lies ,xavi made you all put your foot in your mouth. These guys talked about alba needs to be replaced ,busquets need to be go ,frankie de Jong wasnt good, pique needs to be replaced . Dest wasnt ready ..all these things was said when things was going bad. Liars

  2. Wolfjeter

    We have a proper identity which we haven’t had since Enrique. The most impressive part is the turnaround time. In 100 Days, Xavi has transformed the mood, tactics, cohesion, etc

  3. Anne-Jan In 't Veld

    Xavi is so good and Koeman is so bad. People forget that Koeman lost messi and 1 day before start Griezzman. No money to invest in new players, Xavi comes and within days there is a mayor investment, Torres, Aubameyang, Traoré and Dani Alves

  4. darwin ortiz

    I thought this would be a better discussion, but it turned out basic. Only the guy online has some interesting insights.

  5. Dragonlord

    Sid knows his La Liga history. Gab and Jules got nothing on him.

  6. Anfernee Ramirez

    This IS DIFFERENT! They’re doing it without MESSI

  7. crack world

    Someone buy him airpods! I can’t hear him clearly in between

  8. Enric Nadurmir

    go birds and força barça.

  9. Kamal Uddin

    Extraordinary xavi

  10. Lenin

    "I don't think Eric Garcia is talented at all… [Xavi] turns him into a serviceable player"

    What an idiotic thing to say. Eric is an incredible and intelligent player. He's one of the best on the ball, creating so many chances from the back, making a lot of intelligent interceptions — all of which he did in the same game these two are talking about. He's easy to miss if you are not paying attention, sort of like Busquets. He's a bit slow, yes, but he makes up for it with his incredible reading of the game at such a young age.

    He will go far and captain this team one day.

  11. Kamal Jawandha

    I also thought Eric Garcia is not upto Barca level, but xavi is turning him into a decent cb, I’m sure Garcia will make you eat your words

  12. William R

    This dude win 1 game and now he is called the best thing in soccer lol what a joke

  13. Terrence Kemble

    Listening to these guys mainly Gab Afraid to give Pep his Respect he Deserves talking about more modern so Bias

  14. Ofus Owre

    Xhavi was my favourite player. The vision and passing range was incredible. He obviously got the mind to be a great manager as well.

  15. Pritish Appadoo

    Something new. Guardiola wouldn't stand for a winger like Dembele who stays wide, beats his defender and tries to cross. It is probably one of the reasons Dembele struggled so much before, he doesn't fit the Barcelona dogma of the wide attacker who cuts inside. Xavi is giving him this freedom he didn't have before.

    Also lots more direct passing from defence towards attack. When the defenders or Busquets saw de Jong making runs between the lines they did not hesitate to play it long.

  16. Rushmck

    Good players+good coach= good team, simple but koman was doing such a bad job that would even make me look good not to mention xavi

  17. Luthando Nyweba

    Sid is one pundit I respect. Needs his own show, podcast own everything!

  18. Namiluko Sikufele

    Waiting to see how the Spanish national team will field players since Xavi is creating little monsters for Enrique

  19. Ybier Nie

    Too early to jude????

  20. Namiluko Sikufele

    Luis Enrique is so happy, Xavi is making a team for Luis

  21. Jarret C

    lmfao, sample size… desperate for narratives…

  22. Purple

    Good job Xavi😘

  23. Stillakilla

    My favorite all time player managing my favorite all time team ❤️💙

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